Sunday, 10 August 2008


Ok then, I feel a small introduction is needed before I start posting more things on here. I'm a 2D animator and storyboard artist, currently working at the National Film & Television school in the UK as assistant animator on a film called 'Today Only' (you can check out the progress for this film at I'm hoping this blog will become the place where I can post all my future art and animation work so please come back soon and check it out.
I've decided to start things off with a little portrait of myself. It was drawn by Hye Bin Lee, one of the animation directors here at the school. She's making a brilliant 2D film called 'Cherry on the Cake' so look out for it at next year's festivals! The picture is made with not only pencil and coloured ink but also toothpaste! So not only does it look really cool it smells minty fresh!
Anyways, Till next time...

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