Saturday, 22 November 2008

Richard Williams & Animated Encounters

Well it’s been another busy week of colouring ‘Yellow Belly End’ but I also got to go to Encounters Film Festival in Bristol this week and see Richard Williams give his final masterclass promoting his new ‘Animator’s Survival Kit’ DVD.

I thought he was a brilliant, we got to see loads of clips from the DVD but more importantly he had loads of great stories from the Golden Age of American 2D Animation and lots of advice on how to animate and really bring characters to life. The high point for me was getting to meet him afterwards and getting him to sign his book and just talking to him about character animation.

I only got to go to a couple of films at the festival but my favourite had to be a Russian short called ‘Malenkaia Vasilisa (Little Vasilisa) directed by Darina Schmidt. It was a traditional fairy-tale story about a small girl and her encounters with a witch in a forest. The design of the film was really nice, everything looked like it had be made out of patchwork blankets and the colour scheme was really bright and fun and the animation was great.

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