Saturday, 24 January 2009

Journey Time

Some of the interesting faces I saw on my journey to and from school this week.

Tuesday, 13 January 2009

Directing in the Studio

We’ve been taking turns Directing, Acting and being Cinematographers this week so here’s a few panels from the storyboard I directed. A very simple setup: 2 characters, 1 object and 1 emotion as our starting point.

Sunday, 11 January 2009

Playfulness and Inventiveness

So week 1 of Animation Direction has drawn to a close. It’s been fantastic, so inspirational and fun just coming up with ideas and bouncing them about to see how they could be developed. Our lecturer for these first few weeks is animation director, Marjut Rimminen. She’s so engaging and full of passion for animation. This week has mostly been about ‘where do ideas come from’, we talked about inspiration from other peoples work, finding the essence of an idea through performance, music and sound, archive material and our own experiences. Lots of workshops and quick-fire idea sessions just to see how we respond to different influences.
One of my favourite lectures this week had to be our masterclass with Osbert Parker. If you’re not aware of his work you should definitely try and see it on the big screen (his most recent film is called ‘Yours Truly’) he gave a workshop on style and technique as part of storytelling. Showing us how style is crucial to animation storytelling and how it can enrich a story with another layer of meaning.
I was hoping to upload some of the mood boards I made during the week but I need to scan them in first (they're too big to scan all in one go) so instead here is a quick sketch of the school canteen I made in between classes. The big red wall at the back is some sort of sound dampener for the other classrooms (I think). Until next time..