Wednesday, 18 February 2009

Caroline Leaf Sand Workshop

It’s been pretty hectic these past few weeks at school so I haven’t had chance to do much posting. The reason is we’ve been doing a workshop with the brilliant Caroline Leaf all about Sand Animation.
Sand is such an expressive medium for animating that it has a life all of its own. Caroline showed us all about morphing and moving through space and then we just had fun experimenting and trying different things out. We also had to make a couple of short films over the two weeks so I’ve included some storyboard panels from each film and a frame from the finished piece for comparison. The first sequence is from a one-day exercise where I made a 20sec short about a greedy diamond miner and the other panel is from a four-day exercise where I experimented more with camera moves through space and also a little character animation to see how it would look. The great thing is we now get to hand our films over to the first year composers so pretty soon all the films will have their very own soundtracks! I can’t wait to hear what they come up with. Till next time..

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