Friday, 27 March 2009

Life Drawing

Things are pretty busy at the moment with all the storyboards we're making for next week's editing exercise so instead here are some of the sketches I drew from our bi-weekly life drawing class. There are no tutors at the class and the model is one of the students from the school (this week it was one of the second year animation directors, Magda) so it's an opportunity just to draw for the fun of drawing.
The poses range from several 5mins poses up to one 20mins pose.

15min pose

20min pose

15min pose

5min pose

5min pose

5min pose


Dani said...

Hi there, pretty impresive in just 5 or 15 minutes, how can you draw so accurate in such a short time? Whish I could do that, instead of the boring office job.

Really like your blog, good luck - hhoně štěstí!

Bianca Ansems said...

I loved the last pose (that you published here). It was so fantastic to draw.
The added shading looks good. Like the first one too :]

Richard Phelan said...

Thanks very much. It's just lots of practice really, I draw all the time so for every drawing I like there are loads that no one will see.
I really liked your wrong hand drawing Dani, best of luck with all your work!