Sunday, 5 April 2009

Boards, Boards and more Boards

After the hundreds of drawings and amendments and complete overhauls the storyboard project is finished. I really enjoyed working with my editor, Eduardo. He brought a whole new perspective to the story I had written and he helped to push it in ways I just wouldn't have thought of on my own.

Overall I think the project went really well. The finished animatic still needs a lot of work but I learnt a great deal about cinematic language and the importance of how different camera setups can strengthen the motivations and thoughts of a character or help to create a sense of space.

I also learnt a lot about building relationships between characters and how composition can help to show their underlying feelings and emphasise the type of people they are. This has helped me gain a better understanding that a character should be the one driving a story along and not the other way around. I'm looking forward to our next project so I can explore this further.

I've not had chance to do much drawing this week that wasn't storyboard related so instead here are a selection of all the different boards I've made. Next week we'll be training on CelAction animation software learning about digital cut-outs. After 4 weeks of non-stop storyboarding, getting immersed in a new software feels like a pleasant exercise..

the hero of my animatic: ROBO-MAN

From my Adaptation exercise

Deleted sequence from ROBO-MAN

ROBO-MAN in action

Storyboard from an existing film.. I love Sopranos :)

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Eduardo said...

Oh my! I've just become famous!

I couldn't help you more than your great story already was. ROBOMAN!