Wednesday, 15 April 2009


CelAction has been the name of the game this past week. We spent 5 days training on how to use it for digital cut-out animation. I found the software really easy to get into and lots of fun once you figured out the processes for how things have to be setup.
As part of our training we also had to build, rig and animate some characters of our own in just 3 days. I decided I would try and create characters with lots of ball joints and paint them all in Photoshop to see how CelAction would take to textures.
I only managed to animate about 3 seconds of the two characters walking which has no real emotion to it but it was more an exercise just to see how CelAction would cope. I'm really pleased with how it turned out so I now that I have my characters I want to go back and animate it properly.
Here's the clip I made and also a still from the animation so you can see more in detail and one of the Eskimo character. Both characters are made of roughly 20+ pieces each to them and a few replacement faces.

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