Wednesday, 6 May 2009

Character of Place

For the past two weeks we've been working on a pixilation workshop (if you've never heard of pixilation then check out Norman Mclaren's fantastic film 'Neighbours' on youtube for the best example I can think of). Each of the animation directors teamed up with a cinematographer and a production designer and we had to build and light a set in one day then animate in one day then strike the whole set! It was fantastic, the production designer Chloe did an amazing job building the interior of an old wooden boat, and the cinematographer Stil lit the whole set with just ONE light! (and a crazy amount of flags!).
It was great to collaborate with such a brilliant team. Everyone had such enthusiasm and we all tried to be ambitious and push ourselves with the little time we had to do everything. The finished set was better than anything I imagined and I was totally gutted when we had to take it down after only one full day of animating.
Pixilation took a little while to get used to animating on such a large scale and I wish that we had just one more day to capture even more footage. I had the idea to have the boat 'rocking' as if in a storm so we animated both the camera and the objects on set to create the illusion of the whole stage moving which worked really well but took ages to plan and setup.
I've included a couple of stills from the set to show the final setup..

Through the video monitor: The interior of an old wooden boat.

The set in all it's magical movie glory!

So many flags to create the great lighting effect.

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