Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Old Boxing Pictures

Looking through my portfolio for some work I might be able to use in my new film I came across these pictures I made whilst I was still boxing. The first one I drew when I was 15 in my free time after school using pen and ink. It's made up of thousands of tiny dots that when viewed from a distance hopefully give the illusion of tone and form.

The other two I did a few years later whilst at college studying Graphic Design. They were for a project in my first year but I can't remember at all what the brief was for. The first one is chalk on black paper and the other is acrylic paint. I don't think they will be used in any part of my film they're more just to get a feel for things. My pre-production stage is coming to a close now so I'll begin production on my first shot very soon!

close-up detail of dots

Monday, 28 September 2009


As well as roughing out the structure for my boxing film I recently did some animation work on a commercial for Toshiba. A few months back some representatives from Toshiba came to the school and asked for pitches for web commercials. One of the second year editors, Una Gunjak successfully pitched and asked if I could get involved in animating part of the commercial.

The commercial is currently titled 'Can You Draw Me an Arrow?'. It revolves around a young man travelling all over the world gathering arrow drawings in his little sketchbook. At the end of the commercial he flips through the collection and the arrows become animated, ending up as the Toshiba logo (that's my contribution to the short). I haven't seen any of the live-action elements of the commercial yet, I just got to draw lots of arrows but as soon as it's online I'll post a link to it.

Until then, back to concept art...

Friday, 25 September 2009

Concept Art

The first batch of concept art for my short film is complete. The project has roughly 5 weeks of production so all my pre-production will have to be crammed into the next couple of days. I'm hoping that this short burst of intensity will help to come up with a look that perhaps having more time to think about it might not have the same energy.

The soundtrack I received is very dark and distressing so I've decided to make a film about boxing. In particular a single round in which everything starts to go wrong for one of the fighters. Throughout the year we've been taught to try and make our stories more personal, conjuring up moments from our own lives with which to make them more sincere and original. I spent a great amount of time in my teenage years boxing so I'm hoping to capture some of that in this short film. Also, this project is an opportunity to try out some new techniques we haven't really done before so I'm going to use this opportunity to get my hands dirty with lots of paint and chalk and charcoal to capture the hazy, thick-air of a boxing arena.

Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Danny Boyle

Our final film project of the year is now underway. For this project the sound design students have all created 1-min soundtracks which we will interpret as short films. We're not allowed to discuss with the sound designers what their influences were as this may affect what we end up creating, so for now it's all hush hush. At the moment we're just listening to the tracks and gathering materials and ideas for creating a mood animatic to see in what directions we can go.

On another note we had the brilliant Director Danny Boyle come in to give a talk last week. He was amazing, so passionate and enthusiastic about film. He talked about most of his work and discussed the craft of working with writers and cinematographers and the vital importance of sound and all his experiences from different types of films. I asked him about animation and he talked about the train sequence in Wallace & Gromit's The Wrong Trousers as being one of the best action chase sequences ever put on film. He also told us how he was once going to direct an animated version of Terry Pratchett's Bromeliad Trilogy (I can only imagine how cool that would have been!) but in the end it just never came together.
Meeting someone who so clearly loved film and filmmaking totally inspired me so now all I want to do is get straight to work on my next film!

Until then, here are some more sketches..

Sunday, 13 September 2009


Schools back and Project 3, 'Working to a Soundtrack' has begun.

For part of this project we got the chance to make some short experimental sequences with our tutors, Stuart Hilton and Robert Bradbrook.
As a group we filmed a very short pixillation sequence of a chair spinning and falling over and then, using that as our base, we had to visualise it in lots of new and exciting ways..

Take 1 Chair

Using a pin, meticulously poke holes in black card around outline of chair

Discover that the Camera Department is closed so build the bizarrest rig ever seen!

Pray for sunlight and... Voila! Shiny Sparkly Chair!

we only had 4 days of experimenting but I still have a list of ideas to try out so will have to fit them in whenever a quiet moment pops up..
Until then..

Thursday, 3 September 2009

Wednesday, 2 September 2009

Watercolour Studies

More watercolour studies. The dog studies are of my Sister's dog: Tilly, made using a watercolour pencil and then just running washes of water over it and the other two are just using minimal brush strokes to see what sort of impressions/environments I can create.

Mountains and clouds? The rolling waves of the sea?