Friday, 25 September 2009

Concept Art

The first batch of concept art for my short film is complete. The project has roughly 5 weeks of production so all my pre-production will have to be crammed into the next couple of days. I'm hoping that this short burst of intensity will help to come up with a look that perhaps having more time to think about it might not have the same energy.

The soundtrack I received is very dark and distressing so I've decided to make a film about boxing. In particular a single round in which everything starts to go wrong for one of the fighters. Throughout the year we've been taught to try and make our stories more personal, conjuring up moments from our own lives with which to make them more sincere and original. I spent a great amount of time in my teenage years boxing so I'm hoping to capture some of that in this short film. Also, this project is an opportunity to try out some new techniques we haven't really done before so I'm going to use this opportunity to get my hands dirty with lots of paint and chalk and charcoal to capture the hazy, thick-air of a boxing arena.

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Toby J said...

I want to see this film. I'm excited already. Sold on the concepts.