Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Danny Boyle

Our final film project of the year is now underway. For this project the sound design students have all created 1-min soundtracks which we will interpret as short films. We're not allowed to discuss with the sound designers what their influences were as this may affect what we end up creating, so for now it's all hush hush. At the moment we're just listening to the tracks and gathering materials and ideas for creating a mood animatic to see in what directions we can go.

On another note we had the brilliant Director Danny Boyle come in to give a talk last week. He was amazing, so passionate and enthusiastic about film. He talked about most of his work and discussed the craft of working with writers and cinematographers and the vital importance of sound and all his experiences from different types of films. I asked him about animation and he talked about the train sequence in Wallace & Gromit's The Wrong Trousers as being one of the best action chase sequences ever put on film. He also told us how he was once going to direct an animated version of Terry Pratchett's Bromeliad Trilogy (I can only imagine how cool that would have been!) but in the end it just never came together.
Meeting someone who so clearly loved film and filmmaking totally inspired me so now all I want to do is get straight to work on my next film!

Until then, here are some more sketches..

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