Sunday, 13 September 2009


Schools back and Project 3, 'Working to a Soundtrack' has begun.

For part of this project we got the chance to make some short experimental sequences with our tutors, Stuart Hilton and Robert Bradbrook.
As a group we filmed a very short pixillation sequence of a chair spinning and falling over and then, using that as our base, we had to visualise it in lots of new and exciting ways..

Take 1 Chair

Using a pin, meticulously poke holes in black card around outline of chair

Discover that the Camera Department is closed so build the bizarrest rig ever seen!

Pray for sunlight and... Voila! Shiny Sparkly Chair!

we only had 4 days of experimenting but I still have a list of ideas to try out so will have to fit them in whenever a quiet moment pops up..
Until then..

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Bianca Ansems said...

I didn't see the setup you had. It looks very epic :]