Wednesday, 30 September 2009

Old Boxing Pictures

Looking through my portfolio for some work I might be able to use in my new film I came across these pictures I made whilst I was still boxing. The first one I drew when I was 15 in my free time after school using pen and ink. It's made up of thousands of tiny dots that when viewed from a distance hopefully give the illusion of tone and form.

The other two I did a few years later whilst at college studying Graphic Design. They were for a project in my first year but I can't remember at all what the brief was for. The first one is chalk on black paper and the other is acrylic paint. I don't think they will be used in any part of my film they're more just to get a feel for things. My pre-production stage is coming to a close now so I'll begin production on my first shot very soon!

close-up detail of dots

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