Monday, 28 September 2009


As well as roughing out the structure for my boxing film I recently did some animation work on a commercial for Toshiba. A few months back some representatives from Toshiba came to the school and asked for pitches for web commercials. One of the second year editors, Una Gunjak successfully pitched and asked if I could get involved in animating part of the commercial.

The commercial is currently titled 'Can You Draw Me an Arrow?'. It revolves around a young man travelling all over the world gathering arrow drawings in his little sketchbook. At the end of the commercial he flips through the collection and the arrows become animated, ending up as the Toshiba logo (that's my contribution to the short). I haven't seen any of the live-action elements of the commercial yet, I just got to draw lots of arrows but as soon as it's online I'll post a link to it.

Until then, back to concept art...

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