Saturday, 31 October 2009


And it's finished. My boxing film, now titled 'Grit' is complete. It's been a crazy dash to try and master After Effects and get it all done in such a short space of time but in the end I'm pleased with how it went. There were a few shots that, if I'd had more time, I would have liked to tweak but I feel that overall I learnt a great deal about composition and staging and trying to get the maximum amount of story out of just a few shapes and lines.
The film got good feedback from my tutors at our review and I hope that my Sound Designer George was happy with what I did with his soundtrack.
I've included a mixture of stills below from different stages of the film: from storyboard to finished frames to an interesting visualisation of how my soundtrack looked. I hope they give at least a small sense of how it all came together.


Victoria said...

Rich this looks FANTASTIC.

messytimbo said...

Cool! it looks great. lovely compositions and staging, i can't wait to see it. when will it be available to see online?