Monday, 7 December 2009



claudi said...

Hey Richard, what a great drawing, I love the graphic style and the shapes of it. You really captured the feeling of concentration. I also like the work you showed in your previous posts, its really inspiring to browse through it!

Richard Phelan said...

Hey Claudi,
Thanks very much :)
I really like your animation work on your blog, how far into the Animation Mentor course are you? It looks amazing what your doing!

Afarin said...

Richard that's ME!! You made me look beautiful. But I must say that is much more my "bored while trying to look interested and focussed on what the teacher is saying when he is saying it and looking directly at me where what is really going through my mind is whether to have the sweet-n-sour or nice-n-spicy flavour pot noodle for my tea" look! Seriously, it's a beautiful drawing and thank you for making me part of your blog!