Wednesday, 16 December 2009

Production Design

For our final workshop of the year we had Stephane Collogne and Barry Purves come in to discuss Production Design.

Barry Purves

Stephane Collogne

We saw lots of animation films and also some clips from live-action features and musicals to study how colour and staging are used to create mood and tone.

Quick studies from 'An American in Paris'

We also had to team up with the Production Designers and put together a pitch for a retelling of the Biblical story of Noah's Ark. My Production Designer Toni and I had to create a story from the perspective of the Dove who brings back the Olive Branch and the Raven who is sent out before but never returns.

I had a lot of fun figuring out the story and coming up with the types of characters they would be and together we began exploring how the film would look. In the end we settled on a woodblock cutout style on multi-plane cameras so we could play around with depth and also use negative space to show the soft-edged tenderness of the Dove which would contrast with the more angular Raven.

During the week we also had a screening of 'Mary & Max', the new stop-motion animation feature from Director Adam Elliot. It was amazing, the story was so tragic and yet at the same time uplifting and the characters were so endearing with how they both struggled but managed to find comfort in each other. The whole film was just beautiful to look at. If you get a chance then go see it!

Until next time, it's back to developing ideas for my graduation film..


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