Sunday, 21 February 2010


It's been a busy few weeks getting my And/Or trailer completed and working with Gareth my screenwriter on developing the story for my Graduation film but in spite of all that there is always time for sketching! These are all quick studies based on stills from the BFI monthly catalogue.

Next week I begin concept art for my grad film so hopefully lots of messy thumbnails and paint and pastels! I can't wait!

Monday, 8 February 2010

Terry Gilliam

The final week of production on my And/or Book Trailer has begun. It's been a really interesting project; I've taken the opportunity to learn a lot more in After Effects and also to explore using colour and how it can influence the overall tone of a piece. When I pitched the idea of an Art-Deco Busby Berkeley style short I imagined lots of gold and silver but the And/or logo uses only blue and orange so it's been a fun challenge to use such a limited palette.

I've also got lots of development meetings this week for Grad Film so I'll be spinning lots of plates trying to get everything sorted whilst sifting through my ideas to see which ones might have some potential and which ones are just plain duds.

On a totally different note, the amazing Terry Gilliam came to the NFTS last week to give a masterclass. He was fantastic, he talked about his career after Monty Python and how he works as a director. He was full of great advice and tips but I got so carried away just watching him talk that my notes afterwards didn't make a great deal of sense. The only two sentences that I could make out in my sketchbook were:

'Too much imagination can lead to madness but too much realism can cause depression.'

'Offence is an important thing to maintain!'

I made lots of quickfire sketches of him (none of which look a thing like him, I just loved how animated he was whenever he was talking about filmmaking). I've included some sketches below and also a photo taken by Vicky Mather (who I think went pretty much crazy meeting him).