Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Van Gogh

I went to the Royal Academy last week to see the Vincent Van Gogh exhibition that's just come to an end.
The exhibition was a collection of Vincent's original letters and artwork that spanned his entire career as an artist. It was so inspiring to see his earliest pen and ink work and the letters that went with them. He spoke of his frustration at drawing people, then the introduction of colour and how this lightened his mood. There were letters about his love of Japanese art and how this inspired the vivid colours and warm energy of his later work.
Each room of the exhibition captured a different stage of his life and it was fascinating to see the detailed illustrations and watercolours he would include on his letters with little descriptions of his paintings.

I had a look through my portfolio when I got back and found a very small study I did in Biro pen and pencil crayon when I was at University based on an early Van Gogh painting 'A Peasant Woman Digging'.

It was so inspiring to see so much of his work that I could forgive the 2 hours (crazy!) queue just to get inside. Now back to developing my film!

Friday, 2 April 2010

Ronald Searle

Having managed to crawl from under the mountain of storyboards I've been making during the preproduction of my grad film, I took a little trip into London last week to see Matt Jones give a talk on Artist and Cartoonist Ronald Searle at the Cartoon Museum.

The museum is currently hosting a collection of Searle's work, in particular his reportage work, as Searle himself entered his 10th decade last month! I love the quality of his line and how it all seems so simple and effortless yet the pictures are so layered and complex, and most importantly, so full of life. I can't really do his work justice in words but instead I can recommend the online tribute full of fantastic sketches and illustrations put together by Matt Jones

When I got back from the talk I went through the folder of artwork I've been gathering up to help inspire the look of my film and lo and behold, Ronald Searle artwork!

I love the expression on the face of this character :)

It was so inspiring to see so much great work. I can now get back to storyboarding feeling fully recharged!