Thursday, 24 November 2011

The (enjoyable) Morning Commute

Ah London.. How I missed you and your unbelievably crowded tube trains! I'm currently back at Nexus this week storyboarding so it's been a good chance to do some underground sketches.

I've been going through a bad-patch recently and have pretty much filled an entire sketchbook with nothing but false-starts. I know that sometimes that's just the way it goes but when they start to pile up it doesn't feel good. I think I've figured out the problem though, I've drained all the fun out of sketching and been over-analysing my drawings too much.

It's good to be aware of why something didn't work and to try and build on it but too much analysis and the suddenly the pressure is on for every sketch to be perfect (which they very rarely are). So today I decided to switch off and just enjoy drawing.


Frankie Swan said...

great observations man, i particularly like the profile of the 3rd drawing, really nice features.
good to hear that your enjoying drawing again!
now that your back it would be good to have a beer and catch up.

messytimbo said...

Lovely drawings once again Rich. I know that one man. I can get so bummed out about my drawings. It's good to see your getting Zen about it :)

Richard Phelan said...

Thanks guys.
Frankie I'm afraid I've already had to head off to Bristol for a job but next time I'm back in London I'll get in touch and we should all meet up! Hope you had a good time at NFTS, I'm looking forward to seeing both of your work on the big screen soon!