Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Nexus Storyboards - Hotels.com

A couple of commercials I storyboarded last year at Nexus Productions went live recently so I thought I would post some of the boards that I made for them. The first one is for Hotels.com and is directed by Smith & Foulkes. Unfortunately I didn't hold onto the final boards (they're somewhere at Nexus) but I did find a couple of shots that were cut early on that I managed to hang onto.

The first one is when the characters go to a German beer festival. Initially the idea was that with each location their costumes would change but it ended up being just the cups they're drinking from. Whilst storyboarding I sat next to Bjorn-Erik Aschim who was working on the character designs so I was able to incorporate some of his early designs into the boards.

The second panel is for when the characters are in an English tea house. I've posted a grab from the finished commercial so you can see how the shot ended up. In the first pass the statue behind them was an old portrait of Queen Elizabeth II.

Anyways, I'll post about the other commercial soon (for which I kept all the boards).


messytimbo said...

Cool man! great to see what u've been up to.

Chris Cormier said...

Very cool. Nice work, Richard! Looking forward to seeing more.

Frankie Swan said...

nice drawings man, wish my storyboards looked this good.
hope to see the other ones soon.