Monday, 13 February 2012

Skwigly Magazine

Whilst at Encounters Film Festival back in November I did an interview with Ben Mitchell from Skwigly Online Animation Magazine. I talked alongside Francesca Adams about our graduation films. You can read the interview here.

The Interview was lots of fun and I learnt that, when what I say out loud gets translated into text, it makes no sense. To overcome this happening again, I shall take to carrying around small index cards of prepared answers.


messytimbo said...

Hey Rich!

Great interview!! So interesting to hear you talk about your process, I think you set some good example for young film makers.

And dude, Thanks for your kind words about me. I was touch man, I really didn't expect to read that. I nearly shed a tear :)

Richard Phelan said...

Hey Tim,

I'm glad you liked the interview and you didn't mind me name-checking you and Wes.

I thought you thoroughly deserved some recognition for all the great ideas you come up with on your blog!