Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Nexus Storyboards - Tropicana

Here's some storyboards for another commercial I worked on at Nexus Productions recently, this time for Tropicana. The Commercial was directed by Fx & Mat and was great fun to work on. click here to watch it. I've also posted some side-by-side boards to finished shots below so you can see how each shot progressed from my rough pencil boards to shiny CGI!


messytimbo said...

Cool man! Great to see your doing cool work. My Studio Buddy Bjorn was the art director on it. Maybe you met him? It's a cool advert

Richard Phelan said...

Hey Tim,
Yeah I sat next to Bjorn whilst he did the initial character designs, they looked awesome! Hope all is going well in your studio!

messytimbo said...

Gosh I'm so dumb. We both met him at the same time when we was a Partizan. forgive me ha!

Yeah it's going well. Let me know when ur next in london and we can meet. It's not very far from nexus so we could easily meet for a drink or you could pop over to check it out and have a drink here