Friday, 5 October 2012


I recently got back from Russia a few weeks ago where I was attending the Krok Animation Festival. The festival took place onboard the boat 'Vladmir Mayakovsky' and travelled from Saint Petersburg to Moscow, stopping at various towns and villages on the way for us to get out and stretch our legs.

As well as doing lots of sight-seeing I also saw some great films and met lots of fantastic people during the trip. I also made a lot of sketches so plan to show them over the next few posts. First up, here are some sketches of people from the festival during some of the masterclasses and screenings I went to.


Frankie Swan said...

wow these are brilliant. especially the top image, great use of sharp straight lines. 'Damed' successes never ends! congrats!

libra bear said...

Alright Rich give it a rest.. OOOhh my film goes here...OOOhh my film goes there.... :)

This sketches I GORGEous. Now I have even more reason to hate you :)

Keep it up man

Richard Phelan said...

Thanks guys. Wes I have to milk it for everything, it's festival life is nearly over!