Tuesday, 6 November 2012

Wallace & Gromit Comic

I got to work on a really great project a few weeks back. One of my fellow story artists at Aardman, Jay Clarke, asked me to help out and do some pencil work for a Wallace & Gromit comic strip! The strip appears daily in 'The Sun', one of the national newspapers in the UK.

I've included some panels below so you can see the process. First, Jay blocks out the layout for each panel. It doesn't have to be too detailed, it's just so I can see where he wants to place everyone.
I then draw all the characters and backgrounds, making sure to leave space for speech bubbles, etc. This goes back to Jay for review and anything not quite right can be altered before it goes back to Jay to be inked.
During the inking, Jay does a final pass to make sure that the characters are all on model. Lastly, it's sent off to whomever does the colouring (I don't know who does this part) and then appears in the newspaper!

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