Sunday, 29 December 2013

Damned Vimeo Staff Pick

Hoorah! Damned has been Vimeo Staff Picked!

Monday, 23 December 2013

Damned Short Film

For your viewing pleasure! My 2011 graduation film "DAMNED" is now available to watch on Vimeo. Please take a look and if you like it then "like" it, and if you feel like sharing it around then please carry on.

Damned from Richard Phelan on Vimeo.

An over-ambitious beaver goes too far when he gets the chance to realise his ultimate dream. Some dreams are just too big.

Awards & Mentions
The Childrens Audience Award - Fest Anca Slovakia 2013
Special Mention Award - 'No Time Left' Short Film Festival 2013
Best Foreign Student Film, China (Changzhou) International Animation Arts Festival 2012
Best Postgraduate Animation, Royal Television Society Awards 2012
Grand Prix, Kiki Tabor International Short Film Festival 2012
Commended, Animated Exeter 2012
Anima Mundi on the Road Award, Anima Mundi International Film Festival 2012
Honourable Mention, Vila do Conde Film Festival 2011

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Shaun the Sheep Series 3 Storyboards - Bye Bye Barn

Things have been very busy these past few months on the Shaun the Sheep feature film, leaving me very little time to create anything new to post up here. Instead I've decided to post some older boards from a couple of episodes of Series 3 of Shaun the Sheep that I worked on.

The boards below are from an episode called "Bye Bye Barn". The basic outline is that the Farmer has hired some builders to convert his old sheep barn into a luxury apartment. Fearing that they will lose their home, Shaun and the flock set about altering the construction blueprints so that the builders create something for them instead.

One of the main notes from the director during the initial brief was to try and have longer shots rather than lots of cutting, to allow jokes to build up on screen.

To help do this I tried to create shots with lots of deep staging: where characters in the foreground might do something that then leads into characters in the background, or vice versa, switching attention between different layers. This also required paying close attention to the staging of events and the overall screen composition so that things flowed naturally into each other.

I'm sifting through boards at the moment so I'll post another episode up soon.